We recommend to use a non-microscope specific Sony Handicam video camera, as it is a better value when compared to any microscope specific cameras we have seen.  Many software options exist for capturing images and recording video. We prefer to use Apple’s iMovie via a fire wire connection between the camera and the computer.  We then use an external hard drive to store all the video clips as the files tend to take up multiple gigs of memory in raw form.  The video camera is then available to use for other non-microscope purposes.   In terms of value and price when it comes to video cameras, it is hard to compare to a Sony.

Any flat screen monitor that has a universal AV cable  connection should work with the video camera for real time viewing.  If you desire to capture video footage directly onto a computer and view the microscope field of view on a screen simultaneously, you will need a second monitor, as there will be a delay on you computer screen of 2-6 seconds while the image transfers to your computer.

Equipment Needs:

* Microscope – LABOOMED CXL (or equivalent) – A “trinocular head” is recommended however you can use
a binocular microscope and put the camera adapter into one of the
eye pieces.
* Sony Camcorders – I recommend one with at least 6.1 megapixel still image
capturing.  Sony offers a variety of memory options to suit your
needs. All of these cameras are comparable with microscope adapters.
* Martin Microscope camera adapters – Contact them to
match adapter to your desired video camera.  They offer good
quality and price.
* Flat screen monitor with universal AV cable connection
* Universal AV cable