FREE Compost Tea!! Every Tuesday!

our weekly celebration of high quality natural input materials!

Come visit us on Tuesday and take home some

FREE Compost Tea!!

Every Tuesday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

We ask that you bring your own container or reuse the ones available for purchase :) 

It’s the BioLogic way! 


Making The Most Of Microbes

Here is a great little article explaining the role of soil microbes in agriculture and how powerful adding biology to your soil can be! 

Did you know that Soil Microbes:

  • make up more than 1/3 off all life on earth!
  • may number in the billions in a single teaspoon of healthy soil
  • are made of up thousands of species, only 1% of which have been identified
  • feed primarily on exudates, carbohydrates excreted by plants, which plants devote 40% or more of their energy to produce
  • decompose organic matter
  • improve soil structure
  • gather nutrients
  • store nutrients
  • convert nutrients into plant-available forms
  • process nutrients and water from the surrounding soil for plant use
  • have interacted with and benefitted plants since before recorded history!

Hello from BioLogic Systems!

Hello from BioLogic Systems!

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

We have moved to a new location!

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We are excited to serve you from our new location, including some new additions to the 2013 product line.

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