Venerate XC

Venerate is an advanced bio-insecticide that features multiple modes of action and is effective against a wide variety of pests while being easy on beneficials. Venerate controls or suppresses many foliar feeding pests including caterpillars and foliage feeding coleopteran and is effective against many soft-bodied insects such as, aphids, whiteflies and plant sucking mites. Venerate combats insect targets by enzymatic degradation of exoskeletal structures and interference with the molting process leading to mortality through contact and/or ingestion. Venerate’s unique modes of action complement and improve integrated pest management and insect resistance management programs.

Active Ingredient: 
Heat-killed Burkholderia spp. strain A396 cells and spent fermentation media*.... 94.46% 
Available Size
2.5 Gal 


• Liquid, microbial-based bio-insecticide
• Active ingredient 94.46% Burkholderia spp. Strain A396
• Broad-spectrum protection against sucking and chewing insects and mites
• OMRI Listed