Mycotrol contains the highly successful entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, used to control primarily the nymphal and larval stages of whitefly, thrips, aphids, psyllids, mealybugs, scarab beetles, plant bugs, weevils, and many other insects in greenhouse and field crops. With the highest spore concentration in a Beauveria-containing insecticide, Mycotrol surpasses other Beauveria-containing products and can outperform chemical insecticides. 

Specifically formulated for use in organic production, Mycotrol is a biological insecticide available in both wettable powder (Mycotrol WPO) and liquid formulations (Mycotrol ESO). 

Active Ingredient
Mycotrol WPO:  Beauveria bassiana Strain GHA ....... 22.0%
Mycotrol ESO: Beauveria bassiana Strain GHA ....... 11.3%
 Available Sizes
Mycotrol WPO: 1Lb     Mycotrol ESO: 1 QT
Mycotrol WPO & ESO
• Myco-insecticide, insect control
• Highest spore concentration in a Beauveria bassiana-containing insecticide
• Controls adult and immature stages of aphids, thrips, whitefly and more
• Wettable Powder and Liquid formations