Biologic Systems Liquid Humic Acid

Biologic Systems Liquid Humic Acid contains a liquid suspension of concentrated organic elements vital to plant and soil health. This premier liquid Humic Acid is especially effective in soils with low organic matter or high salt content. It is compatible with most liquid and solid soil products and application equipment, including hose end sprayer, drip irrigation, and conventional spray systems. 

Suggested Application Rate
Plant Food: 1-2 TBSP (15-30ml) per gallon of water
Compost Tea: 2 oz /5-Gal, 2 cups/50-Gal, 2 Qts/250-Gal
Compost Tea Foliar Spray: ½ TBSP/gal, 4 oz/25-Gal
Available Sizes
 2.5 Gal, 5 Gal, 55 Gal, 265 Gal
Biologic Systems Liquid Humic Acid 

• Derived from humic shale 
• 6% water soluble humic acid liquid amendment 
• Builds soil structure, reverses salt buildup and fixes pH issues 
• For use in compost teas, soil drenches and foliar sprays