Biologic Systems Liquid Grow All-Purpose (3-2-2)

Biologic Systems All-Purpose Liquid Grow is an all-natural liquid fertilizer that provides a balanced array of available nutrients to promote vigorous vegetative development. Biologic Systems All-Purpose Liquid Grow is derived from recycled food waste that has undergone a patented process to transform it into clean, consistent fertilizer filled with diverse macro and micronutrients and more than 20 amino acids. Screened to 25 microns, this all-purpose fertilizer is flowable through most types of irrigation equipment and is ideal for a variety of growing systems.

Suggested Application:
Mix product well before use
½ -1 oz (15-30 ml) per gal of water. 
Available Sizes
5 gal, 55 gal, 265 gal 


Biologic Systems Grow All-Purpose 
• Liquid Fertilizer 3-2-2
• Derived from food scraps 
• Diverse nutrients promote vegetative growth
• For use in soil drenches and foliar sprays