Biologic Systems Granular All-Purpose (4-3-2)

Biologic Systems Granular All-Purpose is an organic time-release chicken fertilizer with 7% Calcium. This premium pelletized product is a suitable source of plant-available, full-season nutrients for a broad range of plants and cultivation methods. Biologic Systems Granular All-Purpose fertilizer provides diverse macro and micro nutrients and supports vigorous plant growth while nourishing the soil.

Suggested Application
Mixing and Amending Soil: ½ -1 oz per gal, 4-8 oz per cu. ft., 1-3 qt per yd
Top Dressing Established Plants: ¼- ½ oz per gal or 8-12 lbs per 1000 sq ft
Available Sizes 
40 lb. bag (18.14 kg)
Biologic Systems Granular All Purpose
• Organic all-purpose fertilizer 4-3-2
• Derived from dried poultry waste
• Steady nutrient release with 7% Calcium
• For use in amending, fertilizing and top-dressing