Beer Making Supplies

From yeast to hops, grain, malt extracts, fermenters, kegging equipment and more, Biologic Brewing Supply is your one stop shop for all your home brewing supplies and accessories. Whether you’re new to home brewing or are a seasoned pro, we have the equipment and consumables to fit any size project and our knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you with your next brew.  Sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive special offers, the latest info on new products, upcoming events, and monthly beer kit specials!



Cleaners & Sanitizers: BLC Beverage Line Cleaner, BTF Iodophor, One Step, PBW, Saniclean, Star San, Straight A.

Equipment: The Grainfather, Mash & Boil, 15 Gal Heavy Kettler, Fermonster, Genesis Fermenter, Fast Ferment , Stainless Steel Pots, Wort Chillers, Food Grade-BPA Free Buckets, Italian-made Glass Carboys, Blichman Products, Bottles, Corny Kegs and more.

Malts & Grains: Bestmalz, Briess (Grain, Liquid & Dry Malt Extracts), Canada Malting Company, Dingemans, Gambrinus, Great Western,  Soufflet Group, Thomas Fawcett, Weyermann

Yeast: Danstar (Lallemand), Fermentis, Mangrove Jack’s, White Labs, Wyeast.

Beer Making Supplies
• Home brewing supplies, accessories and consumables for every beer making project!