Make the Most of Microbes

10/12/2015 12:00 AM

Here is a great little article explaining the role of soil microbes in agriculture and how powerful adding biology to your soil can be! 


Did you know that Soil Microbes:

  • make up more than 1/3 off all life on earth!
  • may number in the billions in a single teaspoon of healthy soil
  • are made of up thousands of species, only 1% of which have been identified
  • feed primarily on exudates, carbohydrates excreted by plants, which plants devote 40% or more of their energy to produce
  • decompose organic matter
  • improve soil structure
  • gather nutrients
  • store nutrients
  • convert nutrients into plant-available forms
  • process nutrients and water from the surrounding soil for plant use
  • have interacted with and benefitted plants since before recorded history!